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Safety             Savings             Time             Environment             One Cover for all Seasons               Advantages


At Coverstar™ Canada we believe in reducing the impact that our industry has on the environment as much as possible.  The Coverstar™ line of automatic and manual track safety covers not only provide safety and security, they play a significant role in reducing a pool's environmental impact by helping reduce chemical, electrical, gas and water use.  

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource. Due to climate change, water is becoming more of an issue in many parts of the country. Because a Coverstar™ automatic swimming pool safety cover is on the pool most of the time, you will save up to 90% of the water used by a typical pool without a cover.

Less Pool Chemicals

A Coverstar™ System can help save up to 70% of the pool chemicals you would use if the pool was uncovered. The energy saved in producing, packaging and transporting these chemicals are a real benefit to the environment.

Conserving Power & Reducing Pollution

Because the pool is kept much cleaner when an automatic swimming pool safety cover is used, the pool pump and filter use can be reduced dramatically-- down to just a few hours a day. That saves energy, which in turn reduces pollution.

Conserving Natural Gas

When pool water evaporates, it takes heat with it. Because a Coverstar™ system prevents most evaporation, heating requirements are much less. That saves natural gas which can be used for more essential uses.