The Eclipse™ Mini (CS300HD™) Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover

The Coverstar™ CS300HD™, known as the Eclipse™  Mini Stainless Steel Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover in Canada, has been designed with the highest performance and reliability in mind for use with your spa, swim spa or small pool.  Built of stainless steel components, the Eclipse™ Mini Stainless Steel Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover can be used in any pool environment and comes with a number of key advantages that make it the best choice for your pool.

Click the image to download a PDF copy of our Eclipse Brochure. 

Click the image to download a PDF copy of our Eclipse Brochure. 

Stainless Steel Mechanism

The Eclipse™Mini ultra strong stainless steel bracket components make Coverstar™ the most durable and reliable automatic pool safety cover on the market. Nothing stands up better in the harshly corrosive pool environment. That's why Coverstar™ mechanism warranties are among the best in the industry.


PowerFlex™ Rope

Proprietary Powerflex™ rope eliminates most broken ropes. These special ropes are incredibly strong and far exceed the performance of standard ropes. We are so confident in our Powerflex™ rope that it comes with an industry leading 2 year warranty. 


Submersible Motor

The Eclipse™Mini motor's hardened stainless steel shaft and oil bathed gears virtually eliminiate motor problems. It is also sealed against water by the original motor manufacture 


Stainless Steel Guide Feed

The guide feed on the end of the cover guides prevents the ropes from snagging and tearing the cover. Because they are made from stainless steel, they last almost forever. Other systems use plastic guide feeds that can wear out quickly and cause the cover to come out of the guide and fall to the bottom of the pool.


Touch Pad Controls

A Coverstar™ Touch Pad controller comes as a standard feature on all Eclipse™ Mini systems.  An optional Touch Pad WIFI version is also available. 


Guide & Sliders

Heavy duty sliders are the strongest in the industry. An extra slide channel prevents binding and stress that wears on the mechanism. Sliders without these features can bind in the guides, causing jerky motion of the cover in operation and causing early failure.