New Cover Pumps 2013

The cover pump provided as part of a new Coverstar™ Automatic Safety Cover System is an essential tool to help prevent unnecessary damage to your cover system throughout the year.   In fact, the Coverstar™ homeowner guide suggests leaving the cover pump on your pool throughout the year, whenever you pool is not in use.   

In the past, Rule 1800 cover pumps had been provided free of charge with all our systems.  While these pumps provided adequate protection for you automatic pool cover, over the past 2 years we have been working at providing an even better pump. We would like to formally introduce our partnership with Franklin Electric and the Little Giant pool cover pump.   

Tested by our company on all our covers for the past 18 months, these pumps come with a 3 year warranty protection. Even better yet, they have a proven track record to work through our Canadian winters. These pumps are now available to aftermarket purchase as well, and are a trusted tool in helping keep you pool cover investment protected for years to come.