Inexpensive Ways to Heat Your Swimming Pool - Pool Covers!

Inexpensive Ways to Heat Your Swimming Pool -            Pool Covers!

A backyard pool provides a day-at-the-beach atmosphere and a social hub for your friends and family. That's especially true when you maintain the water at a comfortable and inviting tropical temperature. Heating your pool to the warmth you desire is easy with a gas or electrically operated heat pump. They work day and night to warm your pool, but as with any hardworking device, getting the job done increases your energy costs. Fortunately, Automatic Pool Covers offer simple, yet inexpensive ways to heat your pool to the tropical temperature you love.

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10 Years...Thank You!

10 years! May 1, 2004 we started up Blue Seas Enterprises Inc. believing it could be an excellent business to be part of. 2006 we decided to make the strategic decision to license the Coverstar™ name and align our automatic safety cover division with them.  Congratulations to Bruce Greenough, Michael Buckingham, Mike van Zanten and all the staff across Canada; Luke, Dane, Darryl, Case, Zack, Jacob, Gary, Emily, Jen and all the other hard working people whose efforts helped keep us moving forward. Thank You as well to Latham Pool Products, Inc. and all our other excellent business partnerships for supplying and supporting us throughout the past 10 years. Most importantly, to all of our customers, those builders who have trusted us with participating in their businesses and to the homeowners who have entrusted our product with the lives of their love ones, thank you for your support! We will continue to strive to offer the best products and customer support to all of our partners and customers across Canada for another 10 years and beyond!

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